ADFS has been building momentum for a long time, creating an open financial system

A Decentralized Financial System
6 min readMar 10, 2021

The ADFS decentralized financial system will be based on blockchain technology to create an open and free financial world that everyone can participate in.

Defi is really the first application in a decentralized world after Bitcoin.

The developers of ADFS’s decentralized financial system firmly believe that DEFI will one day step out of the Crypto circle and become a pioneer of open finance!

The ADFS team has been working on blockchain for a long time. In addition to our state-of-the-art blockchain development capabilities, we have always believed that everyone should have equal access to quality financial products and services.

ADFS decentralized finance is here to stay!

ADFS members will build an open and free financial world that everyone can participate in, based on the developers’ long-term accumulation of blockchain development capabilities, mature user growth methods and deep industry understanding.

You are invited to join us, would you?

ADFS brings new product mechanics and experiences to the DEFI global market

ADFS is positioned as a one-stop decentralized financial system to serve global users. The main product form is the DEFI aggregator platform, which is committed to creating an open, democratic and free financial world.

ADFS Decentralized Financial System Product Features

The “dumb-ass” product experience lowers the user threshold and lets users smooth through the product process. At the same time, ADFS has adopted two solutions to speed up the problem of Ethereum blocking and affecting the user experience. One is to use rollup-type Layer2 scaling, and the other is to support better performance of the public chain by cross-chain.

Defi products are naturally an open financial system without borders, and users from all countries participate. In order to provide users from all countries with a product experience that is adapted to their own culture and usage habits, ADFS will introduce products with more local experience and UI design for users from both East and West.

It also allows ADFS to outperform its competitors in terms of product experience, attracting customers and money from around the world.

As the Defi aggregator, ADFS will continue to innovate in product design and gameplay while optimizing the portfolio of Defi products to optimize revenue. Let users get financial benefits as well as social and game-like experiences to significantly increase user engagement.

A Defi product is a container of capital, and the size of the capital largely determines the value of the application. In order to keep more money in a DEFI container, one of the most important points is to meet the different needs of the money. Therefore, the products of ADFSF’s decentralized financial system can completely meet the financial needs of all kinds of funds, including liquidity mining, financing, insurance, lending, derivatives, etc.

ADFS product matrix

ADFS fluid mining
The first phase of ADFS will generate initial governance token ADFs through liquid mining, attracting a large number of “miners” and “farmers” to participate. Liquidity mining to generate initial governance tokens is a fairer, more transparent approach, and can quickly help ADFS acquire initial users. Various forms of mining token incentives will be added to the subsequent products of ADFS.

ADFS revenue aggregator
ADFS Earn is a revenue aggregator that automatically selects the highest revenue available and siphons the value of each DEFI product with the goal of maximizing revenue for holding assets in a nondestructive manner. The ADFS Earn Collection automatically provides a list of revenue strategies deemed to be the best in the current market based on programmatic filtering and also identifies cross-protocol arbitrage opportunities, effectively aggregating the various DEFI products in the current market. In addition, ADFS Earn also allows users to provide their own policies (with a certain amount of ADFS), and after being voted as an alternative revenue policy by the community, the policy authors can share the revenue from the policy pool.

The ADFS insurance
Insurance of ADFS. KYC is not required for insurance participants in ADFS. The business scope of insurance covers on-chain contracts and on-chain assets, that is, insurance of contract security accident risk and credit risk of assets can be carried out. To become an insurer, an insurer simply deposits assets of stable value into the “underwriting pool”. The insured simply deposits risky assets into the “insured pool” to buy insurance. The insured pool will periodically pay the underwriting pool as a premium. When the risk occurs, the insured may apply for a claim to the Claims Committee, and after the claim is approved, the corresponding assets in the underwriting pool will be paid to the insured pool.

ADFS mortgage lending
The lending service launched by ADFS can integrate the current mainstream DEFI lending platform, such as Makerdao, Compound, Dharma, DyDx, etc. It will greatly expand the underlying assets that can be used for borrowing, enhance the liquidity of users’ assets, and also optimize the best interest rate to reduce the borrowing costs of users. At the same time, the occurrence of on-chain lending behavior, as well as good repayment performance, can participate in behavioral mining as “credit behavior”.

ADFS credit lending
The ADFS team will then develop an on-chain unsecured credit protocol based on a trusted predictor, which could open up new markets for on-chain lending and dramatically increase the scale of on-chain lending. The target of this product is to calculate consumer credit risk by desensitizing the data of the off-chain centralized data provider through trusted computing, and then pass in the credit loan agreement to connect the off-chain credit behavior and on-chain financial behavior.

Cross-chain aggregator, support multi — chain currency access
ADFS decentralized financial system, through ETH, BNB chain, BTC, TRON chain, Polkadot, etc., will develop its own token cross-chain technology, and eventually achieve decentralized asset cross-chain. In cross-chain aggregate mining, it supports ETH, HT, BNB and other multi-chain mainstream currencies, and pledges to produce ADFS.

ADFS Decentralized Lottery System
The appeal of ADFS’s decentralized lottery is that the money is not processed through middlemen or brokers, but rather through smart contracts. Funds also have no lock-up period, meaning they can be withdrawn at any time. Traditionally, the gaming industry’s jurisdiction and protection laws have limited real-world non-destructive lotteries (such as PLSA products) to users in certain geographic areas. That’s the advantage of decentralized apps — anyone, anywhere, can participate if they have the money.

ADFS co-managed accounts
It can realize the anonymous and decentralized multi-person joint management of blockchain assets. Based on the multi-signature mechanism, multi-person joint management of blockchain assets can provide co-management services for blockchain organizations, enterprises and other individual users.

ADFS, which officially takes the step of switching to DAO (Decentralized Governance), puts control truly in the hands of the community.

A Decentralized Autonomous Organization, also known as a distributed Autonomous company (DAC), a Decentralized Autonomous corporation is an Organization represented by rules encoded as computer programs that are transparent, controlled by shareholders or token holders, and not subject to central authority. Everyone in the DAO can publish proposals and vote to make decisions.

ADFS DAO is etheric lane in the service of the ADFS decentralized financial system of decentralized autonomous organization and intelligent contract system, is a from the center of the hierarchical access control, automatic operation according to set before the procedure rules, with all stakeholders in the network voice open decentralized organization, is the management of the ADFS system tokens and utility scrip.

Anyone with Internet access can hold and exchange ADFS tokens. Users can hold ADFS to participate in governance proposals and vote on ADFS decentralized financial system products. The voting decisions are not limited to project destruction mechanism, production reduction mechanism, additional issuance mechanism, mining pool quota, etc.

Token economic model:
90% for mining
2% for circulation
3% for IEO
5% Team Reservation

ADFs are governance tokens in the ADFS Open Financial System, totaling 21 million.

The ADFS team believes that by giving as many tokens as possible to the community in a fair and equitable way, users will be motivated to participate in the ADFS ecosystem in the long term.

Usage scenarios and uses of ADFS tokens:

Profit-sharing: Commissions, fees, and management fees on all products in ADFS’s open financial system are shared with ADF pledgers and contributors in the system over the long term. The profits from all of ADFS’s product lines are ADFS’s biggest source of value.

Participation in governance: ADFS is an open and free financial system that requires the joint participation of a large number of users. Therefore, the joint governance of currency holders is needed to determine the expansion and growth of this system. ADFS coin holders can vote on mining parameters, product iteration, behavioral incentive parameters, and economic model parameters of tokens by pledging

Come on, follow us!

The veil of ADFS is slowly coming to light.

Join us as we watch ADFS grow and expand.

In the future, you will see more surprises and better DeFi products here.