As a result, ADFS, a decentralized financial system, came into being

A Decentralized Financial System
6 min readFeb 19, 2021

The decentralized financial system of ADFS will build an open and free financial world in which everyone can participate based on blockchain technology.

Defi is the first real application in the decentralized world after bitcoin.

The developers of ADFS decentralized financial system firmly believe that one day, defi will walk out of crypto circle and become a trendsetter of open finance!

Members of the ADFS team have been working in the blockchain all over the world for a long time. In addition to having top-notch blockchain development capabilities, we firmly believe that everyone should have equal access to high-quality financial products and services.

ADFS decentralized finance came into being!

ADFS members will build an open and free financial world in which everyone can participate based on the long-term accumulation of blockchain development capability, mature user growth methodology and deep industry understanding of developers.

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ADFS brings new product mechanism and experience to the global market of WiFi

ADFS is positioned as a one-stop decentralized financial system, serving global users. The main product form is the platform of defi aggregator, which is committed to creating an open, democratic and free financial world.

Product characteristics of ADFS decentralized financial system

“Fool like” product experience, reduce the threshold of users, and let users smooth through the product process. At the same time, ADFS also adopts two solutions to solve the problem of Ethereum jam affecting user experience. The first scheme is to use the rollup type of layer 2 network extension, and the second scheme is to support the public chain with better performance through cross chain.

Defi products are naturally an open financial system without borders, with the participation of users from all countries. In order to provide users from all countries with product experience adapted to their own culture and usage habits, ADFs will launch products with more localized experience and UI design for Eastern and Western users.

This also enables ADFS to compete in product experience and attract users and funds from all over the world.

As a WiFi aggregator, ADFS will continue to innovate product design and play methods while optimizing the product portfolio to optimize revenue. It allows users to obtain financial benefits, as well as social attributes and game like experience, so as to greatly enhance the user’s stickiness.

A defi product is a container of funds. The scale of funds largely determines the value of this application. If you want to keep more money in a defi container, it is very important to meet the different needs of money. Therefore, the products of the decentralized financial system of adfsf can completely meet the full range of financial needs, including liquidity mining, financial management, insurance, lending, derivatives, etc.

ADFS product matrix

ADFS liquidity mining

In the first stage of ADFS, the initial governance token ADFS will be generated through liquidity mining, attracting a large number of “miners” and “farmers” to participate. Initial governance token generated by liquidity mining is a more fair and transparent way, and can quickly help ADFS obtain initial users. When ADFS follow-up products are launched, various forms of mining token incentives will be added.

ADFS revenue aggregator

ADFS earth is a revenue aggregator that automatically selects the highest return and siphons the value of each defi product. Its goal is to maximize the return for holding assets in a lossless way. ADFs earth collection will automatically provide the list of revenue strategies that are considered to be the best in the current market based on programmed screening. At the same time, it will find cross agreement arbitrage opportunities. In fact, this process is the aggregation of various defi products in the current market. In addition, ADFS earth also allows users to provide their own strategies (they need to hold a certain amount of ADFS). After being approved as an optional revenue strategy by community voting, the policy proposer can share the revenue in the policy pool.

ADFS insurance

The insurance of ADFS does not need KYC to participate in the insurance of ADFS. The scope of business covered includes contracts on the chain and assets on the chain, that is, it can underwrite the risk of contract security accidents and the credit risk of assets. An insurer can become an insurer only by depositing assets of stable value into the “underwriting pool”. The insured only needs to deposit risk assets in the “Insured pool” to buy insurance. The insured pool will pay the premium to the underwriting pool on a regular basis. When a risk occurs, the insured can apply to the claims Committee for a claim. After the claim is approved, the corresponding assets in the underwriting pool will be paid to the insured pool.

ADFS mortgage loan

The lending service launched by ADFS can aggregate the current mainstream defi lending platforms, such as makerdao, compound, Dharma, dydx, etc. It will greatly expand the underlying assets that can be used for lending, enhance the asset liquidity of users, optimize the best interest rate, and reduce the borrowing cost of users. At the same time, the occurrence of chain lending behavior, as well as good repayment performance, can participate in mining behavior as “credit behavior”.

ADFS credit lending

In the future, ADFS, team will develop a set of on chain unguaranteed credit loan agreement based on trusted Oracle, which can open a new on chain lending market and greatly increase the scale of on chain lending. The goal of the product is to desensitize the data of the centralized data provider under the chain through trusted computing, calculate the consumer credit risk, and then transfer it into the credit loan agreement to connect the credit behavior under the chain and the financial behavior on the chain.

Cross chain aggregator, supporting multi chain currency access

The decentralized financial system of ADFS will develop its own token cross chain technology through eth, BNB chain, BTC, wave field chain, Polkadot, etc., and finally realize decentralized asset cross chain. In the cross chain polymerization mining, support eth, HT, BNB and other multi chain mainstream currencies, pledge to produce ADFS.

ADFS decentralized lottery system

The attraction of the decentralized lottery of ADFS lies in that the funds are not processed through middlemen or brokers, but through smart contracts. There is also no lock-in period for funds, which means they can be withdrawn at any time. Traditionally, the gaming industry’s jurisdiction and protection laws have limited real-world non-destructive lotteries (such as PLSA products) to users in certain geographical areas. This is also the advantage of decentralized applications — anyone from anywhere can participate as long as they have money.

ADFS co managed account

It can realize anonymous and decentralized multi person joint management of blockchain assets. Based on multi signature mechanism, multi person joint management of blockchain assets can provide co management services for blockchain organizations, enterprises and other individual users.


ADFS, the official step to switch to the Dao (decentralized governance), will control the real community.

Dao (decentralized autonomous organization) is a decentralized autonomous organization, also known as distributed autonomous Corporation (DAC). It is an organization represented by rules encoded as computer programs. The program is transparent, controlled by shareholders or token holders, and not affected by the central organization. Everyone in the Dao can publish proposals and vote to make decisions.

ADFs Dao is a decentralized autonomous organization and intelligent contract system serving the decentralized financial system of ADFS on Ethereum. It is an open decentralized organization that is not controlled by hierarchical central authority, operates automatically according to the pre-set program rules, and gives all stakeholders in the network the right to speak. It is the management token and utility token of ADFS system.

Anyone with internet access rights can hold and exchange ADFS tokens. Users can hold ADFS to participate in the governance proposals and voting of the decentralized financial system products of ADFS. The voting resolution is not limited to the project destruction mechanism, production reduction mechanism, additional issuance mechanism, mine pool quota, etc.

Token economy model:

90% for mining

2% for circulation

3% for IEO

5% team reservation

ADFS is the governance token in the open financial system of ADFS, with a total amount of 21 million.

The ADFS team believes that only by giving as many tokens as possible to the community users in a fair and just way can we encourage users to participate in the ADFS ecology for a long time.

Usage scenarios and purposes of ADFS token:

Profit sharing: the Commission, handling fee and management fee of all products in ADFs open financial system will be shared with ADFS Pledgors and contributors in the system for a long time. The profit of all ADFS product lines is the biggest value support of ADFS.

Participating in Governance: ADFS is an open and free financial system that requires the joint participation of large users, so it needs the joint governance of coin holders to determine the expansion and growth of this system. The holders of ADFS can decide mining parameters, product iteration, behavior incentive parameters and token economic model parameters through pledge voting

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